Im Stil von Psychedelic Trance mit Blacklight leuchtenden Kostümen, die hau.ptsächlich selbst designt und hergestellt sind. Die ausgesuchten Charaktere und Themen sind passend zur Psy Kultur worin meistens die hinduistische Mythologien , Alice im Wunderland , Esoterismus und New-Age Philosophie angesprochen werden

In the style of Psychedelic Trance with Blacklight glowing costumes, which are mostly designed and made by themselves. The selected characters and themes are in keeping with the Psy culture which mostly addresses the Hindu mythologies, Alice in Wonderland, esoterism and New Age philosophy


eine der typischen Darstellungen aus der Psy Kultur

Psy-Style (daylight - nicht Blacklight!) ,

Straßenkunst Statue,

Dinner Performance,


Ethnic-Tribal Style, 



İt's a fusion of Living Statue, İnterprative Dance and Theatre with characteristic positions of Shiva fusioned with oriental movements.Each time the character is having a deeper meaning/presentation and the costume develops as far.The more İ perform the more İ understand that standing still has a conection with the cosmos and makes an importance on going deeper in yourself which creates a profound understanding of the sense of existance and the far abilitys of humanity.


Eine tänzerische Umwandlung auf der Bühne im Stil von Psychedelic Trance (undenkbar OHNE Blacklight Schwarzlicht)

Psy-Style, Blacklight, Art Performance, Stage Performance, 

´Nothing Lasts Forever`

Eine tänzerische Umwandlung auf der Bühne 

kann auch Blacklight sein,

Art Performance,

Stage Performance, 









Ein aus der Plüschwelt entsprungener Neon Drache mit einem langen magischen Schwanz. 

Psy-Syle, Blacklight, Club-Game, 


Flamingo Kostüm



Blacklight, Psy-Style, Tiere, Club-Game, 

Pinky-Kali & Haare-Kali




Blacklight, Psy-Style, Götter, Xtra-GoGo-Art, 




Blacklight, Psy-Style, Xtra-GoGo-Art,  

Pink-Ip & Striped-Ip



Club-Game, Blacklight, Psy-Style, 





Ethnic-Tribal-Style, Psy-Style (day light), Götter, Räucher Ritual, 

Peacock (daylight)



interaktiv, Psy-Style (daytime), Ethnic-Tribal Style, Tiere, Dinner Performance, Konzert Performance, 

Schriftperformance   Wort Spiele


scripture performance

 z.B. auch als Club-Game Konzept

 *  'Music Is My Religion - My God Is a Dj'

 *  'Nobody is Perfect'

 *  'Love Is The Answer- you Know that For Sure. J.L.'

 *  'I (Don't Want To/) Will Not Show You my Boobs, my Bum, my Pussy '


Club-Game, Psy-Style, Grotesk, 


*  'Music Is My Religion -

                           My God Is a Dj'

* Nobody is Perfect:

"What the fuck is going on? - Nobody is Perfect"


ein Wort Spiel im Club-Game-Konzept, worin Leute mitgestalten und mitmachen können. Ein Mutmacher durch das Leben.


a word game in the Club-Game concept, where people can help shape and participate. A motivator through life.

*  'I (Don't Want To/) Will Not Show You my Boobs, my Bum, my Pussy '





eine sich drehende Spiral Scheibe schiebt optik


a rotating spiral disc pushes optics








Cocoon Rebirth

Art Performance Projektionen vonnMolekülen und die evolution vom Leben.

...with projections of molecules and the evolution of life


Incense Dance

Psy-Style, Dark-Style, Ethnic-Style, 

Spirituelle oder gothische Warm-Up Zeremonie mit spezifisch ausgesuchten Düften, die die Sinne öffnen als Vorbereitung zum Hauptakt.

Interaktive Performance



Spiritual or Gothic warm-up ceremony with specially selected fragrances that open the senses in preparation for the main act.

Interactive Performance



Scarf Dance

mit luftigen zwei Tüchern ein harmonischer Orient-Techno Tanz

...blacklight sehr effektive !  

...interpretive Dance

...Chill-Out Performance 


z.B. zu Psy Party mit 3.Eye in blacklight im Video Art-Dark Psy Event Istanbul


z.B. bei 'Peacock' , Xtra-GoGo-Art, 'Star Seeds', 


with airy two scarfs a harmonious Orient Techno dance

Psychedelic Trance-Retro:



  • Nation Of Gondwana Open-Air Festival, Berlin Germany, Duo Scarf and Fire dance

  • Fusion Open-Air Festival, Germany, Face Painting

  • Love Parade, Berlin Germany, ‘Scarf-Dance’, Face- and Body Painting

  • Karneval der Kulturen, Berlin Germany, Face Painting


  • Carnaval de Santa Cruz,Tenerife Canary İslands, Face Painting

  • Las Dalias-Namaste, İbiza Spain, Face Painting, Xtra-Gogo-Art, interpretive ‘Shiva-Dance’

  • Kumharas Beach Bar Restaurant, İbiza Spain, ‘Incense-dance’, performing art, chill-out performances, body painted interpretive dance, ‘Scarf Dance’

  • Es Canar Hippy Market, İbiza Spain, ‘Shiva Living-Statue’, ‘İncense statue’


  • Tiyatrom, Berlin Germany, ‘Rotation’ own created performance with projections, music: Orbital Dolphins (Molecular Octave Sound design)      

  • ‘Color 7 - Performales Laboratorium’, Berlin Germany, “R.A.W.Tempel”, “Ruine der Klosterkirche-Mitte”,”Theater Ballhaus Naunynstrasse- Diyalog Festival”,6 months education of Butoh/Contemporary Art/Dance theatre, 1 month performed, Production  with projections, music: Orbital Dolphins (Molecular Octave Sound design)

  • Fusion U-Side Open-Air Festival, Germany, Mobil interaktive Face- & Body Painting

  • Cortijo de la Zubia Psy-Party, Granada Spain, organization, decoration, Chill-Out Performance, ‘Shiva Dance’, ‘Orient-Techno’

  • Club Far-Out, Tarifa Spain, organization, decoration, various performances


  • Electric Love Lounge-Club Magma, Berlin Germany, Shiva Performance

  • Fluidum-Blacklight Art Exposition - Potsdamer Platz U3 Tunnel, Blacklight Face-& Body Painting    

  • Soul Beach Chill-Out Beach Bar, Marbella-Puerto Banus Spain, Chill-Out Performances with projections  ‘Shiva performance’, ‘Metamorphosis’


  • Shanti Tribe Sandras, Mugla Turkey, interactive ‘Neon-Kali’, ‘Pink-İp’


  • Costume design for a group of Jugglers, Fire, Light & Tribal Belly Dancers


  • Mental Destruction Psy Trance Party, İstanbul Turkey, Blacklight ‘3.Eye’, ‘Shadow’

  • Psy Event istanbul, Istanbul Turkey, Blacklight Stage Performance ‘The Doll as a Present’, ‘Fishing not wanted’, ‘Rendez Vous’

  • Shanti Tribe Psy Open-Air Festival, Dikili Turkey, interactive blacklight ‘Dragon’, ‘Cocoon Chromosomes’


  • Pakawala Psy Trance Open-Air Festival, Mugla Turkey, interactive ‘Shiva’ & ‘Peacock’  

  • Gram Gallery Kadıköy, İstanbul Turkey, ‘The Peacock & The Snake’  improvisation to experimental live music

  • C46 Psy İndoor Party, İstanbul Turkey, blacklight ‘Optic-head’ , ‘Dragon-Fly’, ‘Pinky-Tikki’


  • Tünnel Sahne Psychedelic Art Gallery Pre-Event, İstanbul Turkey, interactive Party Performances  Blacklight ‘Neon-Kali’, ‘Light Beetle’, ‘Christopher’s Day Time’ & Stage Show ‘Psy-Changes’


  • CO.İN Psychedelic Art Gallery Open-Air Festival, İzmir Turkey, Blacklight Face & Body Painting, ‘Create & Perform’ Workshop


  • Roxy Club Psychedelic Art Gallery , Istanbul Turkey, Statue Workshop, Shiva Performance