Dinner Performance

Zum Dinner mit passenden Shows, die die Gäste mit einbeziehen. Die Dinner Performances sind ursprünglich im Supperclub-Stil konzipiert, der bekannt für interaktive extravagante Shows ist. Da meine Dinnershows zu diesem Konzept, nach Rauminstallation designt sind, werden die meisten nicht für gewöhnliche Tisch/Stuhl Dinner geeignet sein, aber ich kann per Auftrag das Passende für Ihr Dinner neu konzipieren.


For dinner with matching shows, which involve the guests. The Dinner Performances are originally designed in the Supperclub style, which is known for interactive extravagant shows. Since my dinnershows are designed for this concept, after room installation, most will not be suitable for ordinary table / chair dinners, but I can redesign by order the appropriate for your dinner.


Eine pantomimische Geschichte über einen Strassenfeger, der sich nach seiner unerfüllten Liebe sehnt; ein Rendez-Vous, das er sich vorstellt, so daß dieses Treffen zu mindest in seiner Vorstellung wahr genommen wird. 


Memory Motion

The performance begins as a living statue and continues in slow motion. A red line is revealed from the bag, fixed on the floor on one side and furthermore a set of red underwear takes it’s place. The glasses worn are removed with direct eye contact with the audience members. A photo of a man is revealed from the bag and shown to the audience. It is put back with looks of longing. A white rose is then taken out and thrown over the shoulder. This is followed by regret. The rose is picked back up after a dance with the rope and is embraced with love. The question “Will i see you tomorrow?” is answered with a delighted look. Getting more and more  comfortable with the audience, popcorn is eaten with crackling noises. The act ends with a satisfactory glance at the audience member who was sat next to, as if the answer was their making. Upon leaving, the red line snaps but she doesn’t look back or thinks twice of it.

Music: “Will i see you tomorrow” (duration: 6:30)

Style: Living statue, theatre and dance.

Theme: Love.

Die Memory Motion Performance ist über ein verbündetes Liebesleid, das mit pantomimischen und statue Elementen die Geschichte der Erlösung von der Abhängigkeit in Beziehungen darstellt.

Musik: "Will I see you Tomorow?" 6:30

Stil: Lebende Statue, Theater, Tanz

Thema: Liebe

Richie´s Travelling

Alice in Hat

Dinner Performance   




in rot/grün Tönen mit 8 Armen


Bewegt sich mit sehr langsamen bewegungen in fusion oriental-hindu elementen.


İt's a fusion of Living Statue, İnterprative Dance and Theatre with characteristic positions of Shiva fusioned with oriental movements.

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Dinner Performances A-Z :

- 1.Egg or the Chicken

- 2-Faced

- Alice in Hat

- Barbie

- Check-Inn

- Cover-Girl on Shopping

- Durga

- Green Valley

- I dreamed

- Kali

- Leopard

- Listen to your Heart

- Love-Selena Gomez

- Madonna

- Marilyn Monroe

- Memory Motion

- Nothing Lasts Forever


- Peacock

- People Never Change

- Randez-Vous

- Red White Osmose

- Red White

- Rojo como el Vino

- Rotkäppchen

- Shiva (blue)

- Shiva (Tiger)

- Surprise Party